It was announced, today, that Gov. John Hickenlooper is losing senior policy advisor Alan Salazar to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and we’re sad to see one of our favorite Twitter sparring partners go. Sure, with Salazar gone there will be other lefties to call us “shark poop,” but they won’t have his pizazz when they do it.

The man… the myth…

Truth be told, though, Clinton’s gain is a real loss to those of us who obsessively follow #COpolitics. For a policy guy, Salazar has been a very public face of the Hickenlooper administration, often going to bat for his boss during tough debates. And in the process, he’s certainly given us a fair share of material, like this and this.

However, we’d be remiss if we didn’t note that nothing says lame duck governor like the speedy departure of top people when presented with another opportunity. Sure, this is billed as only “temporary,” and if Clinton loses that is certainly more likely. But come on, who’s he kidding? The day-to-day in the governor’s office has to bore Salazar to tears. We imagine his job consists of a lot of handholding and conversations that include phrases like, “Yeah… the Governor is having trouble deciding.” or “He’s still not sure about a special session. Still.”

Now, he gets to deal with important issues like helping his candidate navigate an FBI investigation during a presidential run and learning to ride the subway. Fun stuff!