Bennet Aspen ChallengeEmbattled Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet has the dubious honor of receiving funds from Rajiv Fernando. It’s ok if the name is not familiar – he is a donor to the Clinton Global Initiative. Here’s what ABC News said about Fernando:

“Newly released State Department emails help reveal how a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no obvious experience in the field, a decision that appeared to baffle the department’s professional staff. The emails further reveal how, after inquiries from ABC News, the Clinton staff sought to ‘protect the name’ of the Secretary, ‘stall’ the ABC News reporter and ultimately accept the resignation of the donor just two days later.”

Bennet recently received a $2,700 contribution from Fernando, which is the maximum contribution allowed. Given the “quid pro quo” nature of this donor, Coloradans should wonder what Fernando wants in return for his contribution.

Additionally, given Fernando’s checkered history, will Bennet return the contribution?  Colorado GOP Chairman Steve House thinks so:

“If Bennet has any interest in transparency he should immediately return Fernando’s maximum contribution and explain why he feels comfortable associating his campaign with corrupt Clinton Foundation donors.”

Well, Senator?