Yes, you read that headline correctly. The Denver Elections Division is actively reaching out to inmates who are eligible to vote and getting them registered. The Division’s spokesman claims, “There’s nothing political about this process,” but in a year with so much at stake we are finding that hard to believe. Hillary Rodham Clinton

In an election year where the outcome is anyone’s guess, anything Democrats can do to run up the score in the heavily blue Denver County could help them win Colorado for Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. 7News even acknowledges in its story on the program to get inmates registered that, “in a swing state like Colorado, those jailhouse votes might just be the tipping point.”

It is true that ex-felons in Colorado can vote after serving their time and their parole has expired. Some inmates can even vote while incarcerated, like those convicted of misdemeanor crimes or those awaiting trial.

While it is worthwhile to know what your rights are, and not just when it comes to voting, we don’t view this as a good use of taxpayer money or staff time. It is clearly a political ploy, and not even a cleverly veiled one.

It does, however, make sense given that Clinton is currently being investigated for improperly storing classified documents on her personal email server. If she’s going to join the ranks of the criminally accused, we get why fellow Democrats want her constituents to be able to support her.