democrat-republicanDemocrats refused to participate in a presidential primary meeting this weekend because there were too many Republicans there, and they want to make partisan politics, well, partisan.

Democrats were invited and encouraged to participate, but insisted they weren’t welcome at the event, because Republicans were there.

It gets even sillier:

A group called Let Colorado Vote, backed by the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, is planning a ballot measure to create a presidential primary, while preserving the caucus for local races. Voters in November could allow unaffiliated voters to participate in any party’s primary they wish.

Spokesman Curtis Hubbard said the 37 percent of the state’s electorate who do not affiliate with a party should not be expected to pay for a primary with their tax dollars then be barred from voting.

We pay tons of taxes for food stamps but we are barred from collecting the benefits, because we are not poor. Solar companies collect millions in tax benefits but we can’t have that money either, because we’re not a solar company. We have to pay for everyone’s health insurance, but can’t afford to pay for our own.

If one does not belong to a political party, one should not be allowed to select that party’s nominee.
Democrats choose their nominee, Republicans choose their nominee, Libertarians choose their nominee, Green Party members choose their nominee.

If you want to pick a party’s nominee, join the freaking party. If not, quit whining, not everybody gets to play in the primary.

Numerous meetings are being held all over the state this summer, the next one in Grand Junction on July 30. Democrats are welcome, and encouraged to attend.