justiceAn artist who shared her work with the world by defacing painting rocks at tourist attractions in national parks including Rocky Mountain National Park and the Dinasour National Monument got a slap on the wrist by a federal judge Monday.

No fine, no jail, she has to write a letter of apology to the National Park Service and perform community service.

The vandalism, which authorities say happened over a 26-day period in September and October  2014, prompted cleanup at the parks. The sandblasting and chemical stripping used to remove paint can cause even more damage to irreplaceable natural features.

“The resolution of this case sends a message to those who would consider such inappropriate behavior going forward,” Charles Cuvelier, chief of law enforcement for the National Park Service, said in a statement.

Does it? The message we hear is, it’s okay to vandalize national parks so long as you say you’re sorry and pick up some garbage.

We think she should have gotten a stiff fine to pay for all of the damage she caused. But instead, taxpayers will have to pick up the bill.