U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is lobbying hard through his Twitter feed to erase the ban on gay men from donating blood, a practice that started during the AIDS epidemic but now seems a little outdated what with the advancement of science to test the millions of donations each year.

“The @US_FDA should finally change their archaic policy. #BloodIsBlood #LGBT,” Polis said in one tweet about 12 hours ago. 

No, wait, that’s not it. But here’s another one that ran 11 hours ago.

“@DenverPost – Barring gay blood donors doesn’t make sense.”


No, that’s not it either. It gets confusing separating the tweets he sent of a White House picnic, verses the tweets he sent from the White House picnic.

Anyway, his was a serious point, that deserved more attention than as a time-killer while picnicking with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi and Obama. And bad timing to boot, while the nation mourned Orlando, to be at a picnic.

Instead of posing for selfies and tweeting his wishes, he might have tried actually having a conversation with those lawmakers present to lobby his point.