veteransWhen he was here for the Air Force Academy graduation, President Obama offered the Colorado Springs Gazette answers on the massive dysfunction within the VA health care system. The Gazette called his answers disheartening, but it’s even more than that. If socialized medicine is the end state that Democrats are pushing, then this is what our country has to look forward to.

Here’s an excerpt from the Gazette article:

“‘The notion of dismantling the VA system would be a mistake,’ Obama told The Gazette, claiming to have improved the agency.

“‘If you look at, for example, VA health care, there have been challenges getting people into the system. Once they are in, they are extremely satisfied and the quality of care is very high.’

“That’s not the overarching message we hear from veterans, including those who have long been in the system. Wait times are long enough some die while waiting for appointments. An internal report found wait times in Colorado Springs were covered up by the doctoring of records.”

Just remember this cautionary tale when Amendment 69 advocates try to sell you on the idea that government-run healthcare will provide better care. Government-run healthcare has been done before. It didn’t work out all that well. Just ask the veterans who died waiting for care.