Just can't quit those PACs

Just can’t quit those PACs

Liberal U.S. Congressional District Six candidate Morgan Carroll has supported limiting the influence of money in politics, a problem that the left seems to think only happens on the right (not true). She even is endorsed by the End Citizens United PAC – an oxymoron if we ever heard one. The truth is that she’s anti-big money in politics, unless the SuperPAC is actually supporting her. Then, it’s ok.

Tomorrow morning’s House Majority PAC (that’s Nancy Pelosi’s SuperPAC, by the way) will feature our flame-headed gal as a speaker at its weekly breakfast. We anticipate that Carroll’s speech will go something like this:

“Thank you all for attending this morning. Those eggs are something else. I want to tell you about the direction of my campaign and our plan to win. But, first, I just have to ask that you put your checkbooks away. We are a money-free campaign.”

And, then, the lights dim and she breaks into “You Don’t Own Me.

Just kidding. She cannot possibly do that because she has outsourced her entire campaign to SuperPACs. For example, the House Majority PAC has reserved over $1 million in TV ads on her behalf for this fall.

What Morgan Carroll really meant by keeping money out of politics was to keep Republican money out of politics. Sorry you were so confused.