DenverPostLogo1For those who have been the target of Denver Post reporters who call, text, and email relentlessly demanding comment on stories, real or imagined, you will get a kick out of this nugget.

Reporters and other newsroom staff are holding a rally today to protest job cuts. We don’t have many details because they refuse to comment.

It’s a “day of action to protect journalism” by Denver Newspaper Guild members at the Post building downtown, to “shine a light on the negative impacts our community faces from the loss of journalists covering the region,” Channel 4 reports.

The Denver Post hadn’t responded to CBS4’s request for a comment about this story several hours after the attempt was made.

Oh, sweet irony.

They make it so difficult to be sympathetic to their newsroom cuts, 26 in all.

The hardship they will suffer is unimaginable. Mostly because, they won’t tell us about it.

What next? Will they block off the rally site to create a safe space to protect them from other reporters? Will they shove away the TV cameras yelling “no comment!”

It’s telling that no one seems to hate journalists, more than other journalists.