gunU.S. Sen. Michael Bennet filibustered the Senate along with other Democrats demanding new gun laws, because that’s how Democrats mourn tragedies, they politicize it.

It’s disgusting and we’re tired of Bennet and others using the emotions of the American people to pass their unconstitutional, political agenda of gun control.

The ransom they demanded for releasing the Senate hostage — pass laws making the AR-15 illegal, a type of weapon not used in the Orlando shooting.

They also want anyone listed on a watch list, without due process, to be banned from purchasing a firearm. The Orlando shooter, although clearly a terrorist who was investigated by the FBI, was not on a watchlist. We need only look at the no-fly list to see how inept the government is at list-keeping to shut down that option.

Finally, Bennet demanded that Congress pass laws requiring background checks and shutting down gun show sales.

“But unlike Washington, in Colorado our legislators actually rose to the occasion to take some tough decisions. They got together and actually strengthened our background check system. Colorado’s legislature closed the gun show loophole and the internet loophole and required a background check for every gun sale,” Bennet said.

By all means Congressional Democrats, get right on that. It worked out swell here in Colorado, what with the successful recall of former state Senate President John Morse and former state Sen. Angela Giron.

According to Bennet, Colorado Democrats and their laws prevented kidnapping, murder, domestic violence and rape from ever happening here, because two percent of all gun purchases were blocked in 2015.

“This isn’t mythical, this is actual fact,” Bennet said.

You can watch Bennet’s sad, pathetic, and shameless Senate performance here.