democrat-republicanIt would appear that voters are in no hurry to return their ballots as just eight days before election day only 12.18% of Republicans have returned their ballots, according to the Secretary of State. Republican voters may be hanging on to their ballots to learn more about each of the Republican U.S. Senate candidates.

Oddly enough, Democrats, without a Democratic U.S. Senate primary, have turned out almost the same percentage of their registered voters (12.12%). This could reflect the war inside the Democratic Party down ballot with BernieBots competing with the Hillary establishment candidates for everything from U.S. Congress critters to races for District Attorney.

It’s worth noting that only Republicans and Democrats will receive ballots. Unaffiliated voters can affiliate and vote through election day.

Below are a few key counties’ turnout thus far. Stay tuned, PeakNationā„¢. We will update you as the Secretary of State’s office releases information.


  • D: 7,508
  • R: 4,916
  • TOTAL: 12,424


  • D: 13,595
  • R: 13,179
  • TOTAL: 26,774


  • D: 20,654
  • R: 5,444
  • TOTAL: 26,098

El Paso

  • D: 9,479
  • R: 22,943
  • TOTAL:Ā 32,422


  • D: 3,419
  • R: 6,194
  • TOTAL: 10,333


  • D: 13,736
  • R: 12,644
  • TOTAL: 26,380


  • D: 3,946
  • R: 6,570
  • TOTAL: 10,516