douglas-county-schoolsThe teachers union, with the help of some high-powered PR firms, are taking the model that was perfected in Jefferson County via last year’s recall effort down the road to Douglas County. A couple of months ago, a student cried foul when Douglas County School Board Members Judi Reynolds and Meghann Silverthorn sat down with the student to discuss her upcoming plans to protest.

After a $178,000 investigation conducted by Sherman and Howard, the report, which found that Silverthorn and Reynolds had done nothing wrong, reads as follows:

“Upon review of all facts made available to us, we have not found evidence that directors Silverthorn and Reynolds violated any express board or district policy in conducting the March 4, 2016, meeting with (Grace Davis) or in their subsequent conduct relevant to this investigation.”

Oh. Look. Union-backed folks wasting taxpayer dollars. Again.

What’s even better is that the report found that three of the board members who have been pearl-clutching throughout this entire episode were found to have perpetrated the very things that they accused their fellow board members of doing. It’s just like Jeffco all over again. From Complete Colorado:

The report also concluded that three members of the board, Anne-Marie Lemieux, Wendy Vogel, and David Ray have engaged in many of the same activities they attribute to malice on the parts of Silverthorn and Reynolds, attempted to infringe on the two directors’ First Amendment rights, and effectively censured the two women in the absence of a full investigation and without following the procedures outlined by the district’s Code of Conduct.

Why are Lemieux, Vogel, and Ray trying to silence these two women? Once again, this is despicable behavior from the left. These three adults are acting more like children than the children they are supposed to serve.