FrackingFive fracking foes walk into a lobby — it sounds like the beginning of a joke, and so it is.

The five fractivists were protesting their inability to protest during upcoming Boulder County Commission meeting, during which officials will consider whether to extend the county’s moratorium on fracking beyond November.

The five fractivists are angry that the meeting is not a public hearing, where they could make a spectacle of themselves and turn it into a three-ring circus, instead of submitting a thoughtful argument to justify their position on paper.

Why would the council request comments in writing? Exhibit A from Monday’s sit-in:

Said Lisa McClellan of Boulder: “I’m definitely against fracking. … I’m here to make a statement with my body.”

The statement they made is that they will sit on their a$$ in a public building lobby until they get their way, or the building closes — the latter came first and they were out the door in 40 minutes.

By asking folks to submit their comments before the meeting in writing, the fractivists say they are being silenced.

Honestly, someone hand those people some crayons and construction paper, and show them how to write. Offer them some chocolate milk and graham crackers and a mat to take a nap, because all of that sitting around is making them grumpy.