Ted CruzYesterday, former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz stopped by Colorado to boost his candidate of choice, Darryl Glenn. During a related interview with the Denver Post, Cruz praised Glenn’s commitment to the constitution:

“Colorado represents one of the best pickup opportunities across the country to replace a liberal Democrat with a principled constitutionalist conservative,” Cruz said in an exclusive interview with The Denver Post. “In this race we are blessed to have an extraordinary candidate.”

Will the Cruz endorsement soon be the same as Sarah Palin’s attempt to endorse everyone possible? Rumor has is it that Palin’s folks literally call around asking if candidates want her endorsement in order to keep her relevant.

The Cruz endorsement should come as no surprise as Glenn also received the endorsement of the Senate Conservatives Fund. But, the alliance of Cruz and Glenn may be somewhat detrimental to conservative Republicans since many of the people who supported Cruz are affiliated with fellow Republican Senate candidate Robert Blaha, who is backed by RMGO and the Nevilles. Will Glenn and Blaha split the most conservative vote? Is there still hard feelings between Glenn and Team Neville after Glenn was the only candidate to emerge from the State Assembly?

Who will emerge on top next Tuesday is anybody’s guess.