Dalai LamaSomeone please spank the animal activists in this state and send them to bed without their dinner of leaves and twigs, then ground them for being childish.

We are so embarrassed by their behavior last week that went beyond the normal bounds of their radicalism. We didn’t think it possible for them to cross the lines of basic decency, but there they were, protesting the Dalai Lama.

The scene of the blunder was the Buddhist monk’s appearance at the University of Colorado-Boulder, where the animals activists rushed the stage carrying banners that read “meat is violence not compassion.”

We would argue that humans consume meat in a more compassionate manner than the animal carnivores on whose behalf they are protesting which just rip the flesh live from other animals to eat. But we digress. It’s their reasoning for the protest we wish to mock.

Boulder police said officers and U.S. State Department officials dragged the activists off the stage as the Dalai Lama continued his lecture unfazed.

The protest follows an ABC “Nightline” story that aired Wednesday investigating dog farms that provide meat for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in southern China – where the Dalai Lama is from. The activists said that conditions showed in footage of the dog farms is akin to what is found in U.S. farms where animals are bred for consumption.

One doesn’t need to be a geography whiz, anymore, to determine the relevancy of their protest. We Googled the directions from Tibet to where the offensive festival is held, and it’s not exactly in the Dalai Lama’s backyard. It’s a 54 hour trip, in light traffic — more than 2,000 miles over rough terrain that equals the distance from New York to San Francisco.

To suggest the Dalai Lama is somehow responsible for that atrocious event is beyond the pale, and the activists’ brothers and sisters on the political left should be appalled.

Yet all we hear are free-range crickets.