GOP-logoTomorrow is the 2016 primary election and Republicans have many, many choices to make with the most obvious being who to send on to slay embattled Democratic U.S. Senator Michael Bennet.

U.S. Senate

Obviously, this is the biggest race to watch. In recent days, Darryl Glenn has picked up key conservative endorsements, including Sen. Mike Lee and #NeverTrump’s Sen. Ben Sasse. Graham is holding his own with the inescapable TV ads and positive performance in the debates. That said, word on the street is that Frazier and Keyser should not be counted out. And Robert Blaha has the support of the Nevilles.  It’s anybody’s guess. Of course, if anyone was doing polling, that might clear it up. We’re looking at you, pollsters.

But there are several others to watch tomorrow.

U.S. House District Three

Rep. Scott Tipton has a primary challenger. This guy used to be a raging Democrat. He’s not going to win. We’re watching it, but not that carefully. Tipton will win.

U.S. House District Five

We’re watching this race more carefully. Newcomer Calandra Vargas almost bested sitting U.S. Rep. Lamborn at the CD5 Assembly. While we have heard she doesn’t have the infrastructure to take out a sitting Congressman, she also shocked the hell out of Colorado with her Assembly performance.

The state legislative races will be interesting to watch as Republican factions battle for control of leadership in the House and Senate.

State Board of Education District Three

It’s Joyce Rankin vs. Anita Stapleton. Rankin is a mainstream conservative who’s impressed education reformers and local control advocates alike in her short time on the State Board of Ed. Anita Stapleton is an anti-Common Core activist who raised only $800. The question is whether being anti-Common Core is enough to win.

Senate District 4

This bruising primary features a combat veteran, a veteran of several branches of the military (huh?), and an insurance salesman. It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Sources say that the race is really between combat veteran and businessman Benjamin Lyng and insurance executive Jim Smallwood, who is rumored to have thrown $100,000 of his own cash into the race. Jess Loban has taken to the airwaves to complain about outside groups’ spending against him…while being supported by outside group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. Pot meet kettle. Each of the candidates’ supporters has sent mailers against the others – it’s just ugly.

Senate District 12

Former elected official Bob Gardner and current Rep. Gordon Klingenschmitt are vying for Senate President Bill Cadman’s seat in Colorado Springs. If Gardner doesn’t win, everyone should just quit politics. Sorry, Gordon, the bizarre-o behavior is just too much. Gardner  joined the Mandy Connell Show last week to debunk a highly-speculative Townhall guest column written by Joy Overbeck, which resulted in Connell apologizing to her entire audience for even having Overbeck on her show. Ouch.

House District 16

Former elected official Larry Liston has come out of retirement to take on sitting State Rep. Janak Joshi. This is another bruising primary with both sides’ supporters slinging mud. Word on the street is that Liston has a slight advantage, but no polling has been made public. This is a public battle between RMGO and Colorado Right Now.

House District 38

Arapahoe County Commissioner Susan Beckman and veteran Mike Williams are fighting for the House District 38, which is being vacated by Kathleen Conti.

House District 43

Sitting State Rep. Kevin Van Winkle found himself challenged by a “Republican” supported by the teachers union down in Douglas County. Hmmmm…. Draw your own conclusions after last year’s loss by conservative school board members.

House District 51

Former CU Regent Tom Lucero and Hugh McKean are duking it out over who will replace House Minority Leader Brian DelGrosso.

House District 63

Town of Mead Trustee and veteran Colleen Whitlow is challenging sitting Rep. Lori Saine for the Weld County seat. Each side has thrown accusations about the other – this is another RMGO vs. Colorado Right Now battleground.

House District 64 

Rancher Kimmi Lewis surprised everyone by making the ballot through the HD64 assembly to primary sitting State Rep. Tim Dore. Lewis is backed by RMGO, but Dore has the support of the Cattlemen and Farm Bureau in the rural district.

Stay tuned, PeakNation™. There are bound to be some surprises come election night.