Twitter logoElected officials are busy with last-minute politicking, pushing out those final tweets to convince their constituents they should be reelected. Here’s a random look at what was on some minds, starting with U.S. Rep. Jared Polis, who is facing Democratic write-in challenger Steven Todd:

We don’t know what that means, perhaps it’s his new weapon for the next time Democrats organize a sit-in to block the House chamber from doing any work until they pass gun control.

Diana DeGette, who is facing Democratic challenger Chuck Norris, was blowing every liberal dog whistle she could think of to assemble her followers — abortion, gun control, LGBT rights. Luckily for her, all she had to do was retweet a few memes on gun control, to avoid making a fool of herself, again.


U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet doesn’t have to worry about a primary challenger today, it’s one of those Republicans running to challenge him who will become a problem when the polls close tonight.
Bennet was playing it safe Election Eve, hitting on an issue that was popular three years ago as opposed to all of that complicated stuff that happened this week.

We’re hoping to see more relevant tweets from Bennet later today when he attends Hillary’s big fundraiser. Stay tuned!