Hillary Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton will be in Denver today to remind Democrats why they voted for her opponent, Bernie Sanders.

And, as an early Christmas gift from Santa, to remind Republicans that it’s Election Day and they need to turn in their ballots for the GOP primary!

Her visit also comes on the heels of Inside-the-Beltway media reports that Sen. Michael Bennet is being vetted as Hillary’s running mate.

What better audition than to appear in the contender’s home state where she lost a few months ago, to see how they like her now as she cruises to a fundraiser on Bennet’s coattails.

We’d sort of like to get rid of him, so we’re asking Sanders’ supporters to keep lid on it and not give us a repeat performance of Bennet’s speech by protesting outside her fundraiser and shouting out their disdain for the both her and Bennet.

We’re not worried about Sanders supporters actually getting in the door to disrupt the event, because tickets to the “Women for Hillary celebration” are priced at $10,000 and $27,000, and their student loan won’t cover it.