Seriously, guys? On Tuesday night, El Paso County Commissioner Darryl Glenn won the Republican Senate primary here in Colorado. He was an inspirational candidate running a shoestring campaign. It’s really an underdog story. But that didn’t stop the media from almost immediately trying to discredit his run against embattled U.S. Senate candidate Michael Bennet. Here’s what we are talking about:

John Frank


Is everything that Denver Post political writer John Frank said true? Of course it is. But it’s certainly, in his view, not meant as a compliment. It’s meant to be snarky.  It’s as if to say, “See, those Republicans are still being irrational because they won’t elect Democrats.”

The truth is that Ted Cruz didn’t lose because his policy positions were off. He lost because people thought he was creepy and weird. It’s scientifically proven – don’t kill the messenger. So, if Darryl Glenn is aligned with Cruz and Palin on policy, who cares? Sure, he’s further right than some of the other candidates, but it’s not fair to malign a Republican because he’s not a Democrat he aligns with other Republicans.

Let’s also not forget that Glenn has inspired Republicans with his passion and his heart. That’s going to be a strong contrast to Bennet, who might just be even less inspiring of a candidate than former U.S. Senator Mark Udall, if that’s even possible.