trumpThe best way to summarize the preview offered by the Denver Post of Donald Trump’s visit to Colorado is just to run through the buzz words, in order, presented by the outrageously biased report.

Donald Trump, nemesis, bitter, snubbed, dump trump, insult, hard feelings, jump off a cliff, anger, phony politicians, attack, protest, exposed, rift, defeat, fired back, NeverTrump, blamed, skeptical, tepid, dispute, misspent political action committee money, scrambled, alienated, activists, cast ballots against Trump, block his nomination, reluctantly, Hell no, flawed, stings, not-yet Trump, Never Trump, attack, lies, grudges, antipathy, self-promoter.

While covering the actual event, Post reporters will be shocked, shocked to hear Trump criticize and mock the media. And they’ll write another story glorifying expected protestors, knocking Trump some more, as well as his supporters, then watch sadly as their website story draws meager traffic. And worry about lay-offs.

Meanwhile, liberals will complain that Trump is divisive, using divisive and derogatory language, while hoping that the long-haired smelly dude protesting alongside them will spark a riot so they can blame Trump for the divisiveness, while calling for unity.

No wonder Trump has attracted so many supporters.