Follow the money, folks. Liberal State Rep. Daniel Kagan, in the running for a promotion to State Senator, went to great lengths to distance himself from Amendment 69, an initiative that would foist government-run healthcare on unsuspecting Coloradans – after he helped fund the campaign to pass it. Here’s an excerpt from a recent Colorado Independent article:

“Kagan does not support Amendment 69, the ColoradoCare single payer ballot measure that voters will decide in November. ‘I believe in greater access to health care, but the more I learned about the details of this initiative the more concerned I became and the less I liked it. Not the least of which is the fact that it won’t fully cover women’s reproductive health.’”

Yes, the old Democratic talking points – “blahblahblahblah, birth control!” Unfortunately, Kagan donated to the very committee campaigning to pass this unwise measure. See here:


Kagan claims that he is against Amendment 69 after learning more about it, but he means the more he learned from polling in the hyper-competitive Senate district that he hopes to represent.

For educated and wealthy voters in Senate District 26, this measure would be a net drain on their resources, forcing them to pay more for lower-quality of care.

The voters in SD26 aren’t dumb, so why does Kagan think they are?