Suddenly and MysteriouslyIf a former politician told you to vote for a man because he’s a man, that former politician would get serious side eye. The same would go for a politician who said vote for a political candidate because he’s black or because he’s white. So, why is it okay for a former politician to stump for Hillary simply because she’s a woman?

Here’s what Democratic former U.S. Representative from Denver, Pat Schroeder, said about Hillary’s candidacy in her endorsement of the felon former Secretary of State and First Lady:

“White House is biggest treehouse w no girls allowed sign outside; I’d like to see Hillary tear down that sign.”

While that may be true, and we’d like to see a woman in the White House, too, we have to ask whether Hillary Clinton is the right woman for the White House (or for anywhere other than prison, for that matter).  Does Hillary Clinton have the moral compass necessary to handle the position of leader of the free world?

When she asks, “what difference does it make?” in response to repeated questions about dead Americans in Benghazi, it suggests she does not have the moral standing to lead.

We are at a breaking point in our country. We need the most qualified president we can muster. And, with Hillary’s broken compass, it’s not her.

If a key qualification for a Democratic presidential nominee was that she be female, couldn’t Democrats find a woman without so much baggage to fill the role?