Picking From The Money TreeThe challenge of running a primary election is that most party leaders and members are hesitant to contribute money until after the contest, which is clearly evident in the latest fundraising numbers from Darryl Glenn’s camp.

In the final days before the election in more than $50,000 raised, most of it money came from out of state donors, according to the Denver Post, which sounds about right.

But there’s no excuse for U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who has been raising money unopposed and hand-over-fist for six years, and he still can’t pull support from his own Colorado constituents.

Bennet’s raised nearly $6 million from out-of-state donors, that’s 67 percent of his total support, and his biggest donor states are New York and California.

The critics are saying that what put Bennet over-the-top is his support from the national party, and that Glenn can’t possibly beat the incumbent without it.

But out of more than $11 million raised by Bennet, only $51,000 has come from the top party brass.

Glenn doesn’t need the national party to put him over the top and win come November, he needs the grassroots support from Colorado voters.

Let’s make sure he gets it.