Nic Morse, the Republican candidate for Colorado’s Second Congressional District released a hard hitting ad over the weekend against incumbent Jared Polis.  The thirty-second spot opens with a blurry video of Polis campaigning in a church, reading a letter decrying him for supporting anti-growth policies such as fracking bans and single payer healthcare.  After reading the note, Polis pauses and screams “Yeah!,” and that “We don’t back down, we double down!” Just watch:

Maybe this is why Congressional approval is hovering around 16%.  While Polis may be worth tens of millions of dollars, average Coloradans need safe, reliable, and affordable energy.  Colorado working families also realize that the energy industry provides thousands of good paying jobs in our state – jobs that we cannot afford to lose over junk science and political gimmicks.Employees and small business owners are also outraged by the outrageous expense of Obamacare and premium increases with no end in sight.  But Polis wants to “double down” on these failed policies.

This shocking ad shows Polis as the uncompromising, hard left ideologue that he is.  Will Morse’s common sense, pro-business, pro-family, pro-growth approach to problem solving be enough to win in Boulder – we don’t know.  But the candidate certainly provides a strong and compelling alternative to the unwavering, entrenched, and misguided politician who is in the office now.