Hillary Rodham ClintonIt what has become almost a regular occurrence over the past year, another terrorist atrocity was perpetrated against civilians in the West, doing nothing more than living out their lives in freedom and peace.  San Bernardino. Burssles. Paris. Orlando. And now Nice.

Colorado offers prayers for the victims and their loved ones.  While the Colorado delegation all responded to the horrific attack, Hillary’s response left some scratching their heads.  The West is at war with the Islamic State, and its sympathizers worldwide. Sadly, the President Obama cannot even bring himself to say the words “Islamic terrorism.” Instead, we get the same weak response of words and not actions.

Senator Cory Gardner published a statement shortly after the massacre: “Sickened by another apparent terrorist attack in Europe. The U.S. stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of France.”

Hillary Clinton has called for an “intelligence surge.” Whatever that is. The enemy understands nothing except violence. And because Clinton does not to understand this concept, she is incapable of keeping America safe in the face of this enemy.

It is time to put America first again, and to demand that our elected leaders, from the White House down, outline a plan of how they will protect the civilized world from these frequent atrocities. It’s time for action, as their words ring hollow with each subsequent attack.