It appears that Colorado has found itself at the epicenter of the anti-Trump movement at this week’s Republican National Convention.

Aurora-based activist Kendal Unruh is an outspoken leader of the effort. She was the Douglas County chair for Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential bid. And Regina Thompson, who was the state coordinator for Cruz, is also now a driving force behind this effort.

Next into the Hamster wheel: anti-Trump delegates

Now, according to POLITICO, a majority of Colorado delegates have signed a petition to force a full vote on the national convention rules. They are joined by a majority of delegates from Washington state, Utah, Minnesota, Wyoming, Maine, Iowa, Virginia and Washington, D.C.


Submitting those signatures would force a roll call floor vote from all 2,472 delegates to the convention on the Republican National Committee rules that an 112-member panel voted through last week. Those rules required pledged delegates to vote for the candidate dictated by their state’s primary or caucus results, a system that would allow Trump to clear the number of votes he needs for a nomination. The faction is hoping those rules will be voided and replaced with rules that allow delegates to vote their conscience.

As the article points out, this faction is highly unlikely to get their way, but their secondary goal is to prove that many in the party still don’t support Trump. But isn’t that already obvious? Do we really need to sit through a roll call of all 2,472 delegates that’s all for naught?

It’s true that we’re sort of proud to see Coloradans taking a prominent role at the Convention. We just wish it were for a productive reason.