Coffman FoxAnother quarter, another fundraising report that puts Congressman Mike Coffman ahead of his left wing ideologue opponent, Morgan Carroll.  In the second quarter, Coffman brought in more than $560,000 in contributions, while Carroll could not even tally $400,000.

Not a good haul for Carroll, who has been touted as Coffman’s toughest competitor yet, and recently ranked nationally as the #2 Congressional pick-up opportunity for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Sad trombone.

Coffman, known to be one of the hardest working Members of Congress, both on Capitol Hill and on the campaign trail, has laid the groundwork in his district that enables him to withstand the falsehoods and failed attacks thrown at him from the left every two years.  Coffman gives 100% to his job every day, the voters of his district understand that, and they appreciate it.

While this race is far from over, Coffman’s consistent fundraising lead over the Democrat’s latest “great hope” for the district shows how strong Coffman’s position is with voters in the 6th CD.