epaThe EPA and environmentalists take a well-deserved beating for the Animas River spill as part of the Republican platform released at the national convention Monday.

Environmental extremists are forever reaching to create more claims of the world ending in order to “sustain the illusion of an environmental crisis,” the platform says.

“At the same time, the environmental establishment looks the other way when environmental degradation is caused by the EPA and other federal agencies as was the case during the Animas River spill.”

The platform pledges to rein in and reorganize the EPA, demoting it from an independent agency to a bipartisan panel similar to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and shifting responsibility for environmental regulations to the states.

Structural safeguards against politicizing science would be key to this new commission, as well as public citizen input and compensation for the rules it creates.

“The environment is too important to be left to radical environmentalists. They are using yesterday’s tools to control a future they do not comprehend. The environmental establishment has become a self-serving elite, stuck in the mindset of the 1970s, subordinating the public’s consensus to the goals of the Democratic Party. Their approach is based on shoddy science, scare tactics, and centralized command-and-control regulation. Over the last eight years, the administration has triggered an avalanche of regulation that wreaks havoc across our economy and yields minimal environmental benefits.”

There is a lot to applaud in this platform, which addresses the critical needs of Colorado and other western states, our ranchers, miners, foresters and energy sector.

In the coming days, we will continue to highlight these sections that make our hearts soar and give us hope that Washington is finally paying attention to western fly-over country.