lemurThe Daily Camera reports that an undocumented “illegal pet lemur” reportedly bit a child near the Carousel of Happiness in downtown Nederland this week

The animal has been photographed with its people by the newspaper before, and has also taken a ride on the carousel in the past.

The “illegal pet” isn’t a regular guest though, because that would be crazy, or something, according to carousel folks.

“He doesn’t do it often, because we don’t encourage that.”

The carousel is changing its “no dogs” policy to state that “no pets” are allowed, which should come as a relief to the child who was bitten, but reportedly not seriously hurt.

But no one in Boulderland seems concerned that this protected species has been kept in captivity, or walked around town on a leash, until the wild animal actually bit someone.

No one knows what happened to the “illegal” lemur. The animal is known in state wildlife circles, and an official there said it was supposed to have been transferred to some kind of facility in Florida, because Coloradans are not permitted to keep primates as pets.

Seriously, in all the places of all the world where someone should have spoken up about the captive exotic primate and done something before now, Boulder County should have been that place.