Earlier this month, CNBC published its rankings of business friendly states.  Colorado finished an impressive third in the nation, behind just Texas and Utah (Utah was #1).  However, there’s just one claim that doesn’t add up – and the entire business community is mocking Crisanta Duran. See the Colorado House Democrats’ tweet:

H-Duran (1)After years of pushing expensive, job-killing, and growth-stunting legislation, Colorado House Democrats laughably are claiming to have led the way to this ranking.  Colorado achieved this in spite of the destructive economic policies that Democrats crafted and passed in the state legislature, not because of Democrats.

In fact, even a cursory look at the CNBC survey shows that Colorado lags most states in the one area that government can make an meaningful impact on: the cost of doing business.  Colorado also lags most states in another area that falls under the responsibility of government – our transportation infrastructure.  And for all of the money taxpayers pour into the education system, we are just average, at #25.

Hopefully, Rep. Duran is sampling some of Colorado’s own homegrown mind-altering products, otherwise to take credit for business growth in Colorado would be super ridiculous, especially after Democrats’ attacks on business this last legislative session.