Ben HigginsIn one of the shortest campaigns in recent history, ABC‘s The Bachelor, Ben Higgins, filed to run against former Assistant Majorly Drunk Leader Dan Pabon in Denver on Wednesday and, today, he announced he would no longer be running.

What? What happened? This sounded like a perfect segue from Higgins’ experience as a reality show star. According to the KDVR‘s Joe St. George, that was exactly the problem.

And it gets better from there:

No million-dollar Bachelor wedding? That would seem to hurt ABC more than Higgins, although, happy wife, happy life.

Some speculate that Disney executives and the Hollywood elite, who have been donors to Democratic causes, swooped in to save Pabon’s a$$ since the Denver Post yesterday suggested that Pabon should step down for his request for special treatment during his DUI arrest.

Either way, it would have been really fun if Higgins had incorporated his candidacy into his new reality show, but that would mean that Hollywood would have to acknowledge that attractive, successful, and bright millennials can be Republicans, too, and that would not fit their narrative. Shame on Disney and ABC.