Hillary Rodham ClintonMorgan Carroll and Gail Schwartz are desperately distancing themselves from their Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The two congressional candidates will not attend the national convention this week, even though their party will make history by nominating the first woman as a presidential candidate.

That won’t hide the fact that Democrats also made history this week, by forcing their female party chairman to resign the day before the national convention begins.

Carroll and Schwartz insist they are not boycotting the convention, but claim they need to stay in Colorado to raise money campaign.

We suspect Carroll is also sitting it out, because the majority of Coloradans voted for Bernie Sanders.

Carroll has endorsed Clinton and will happily campaign with her if the opportunity comes, said her campaign manager, Jennifer Koch Donovan.

Noticeably missing in that statement, is any actual invitation for Hillary to campaign with her in the 6th Congressional District.

Schwartz spokesman Richard Valenty said he did not know if Schwartz would endorse or campaign with her party’s nominee.

In plain-speak, that means Schwartz has not publicly endorsed her party’s nominee and does not want Hillary in the 3rd Congressional District.

Looks like it’s every woman for herself in the Democratic Party.