democrat-republicanPolitical pundits in D.C. may think Colorado is no longer a battleground state, but it looks like Donald Trump disagrees and will be campaigning here this week.

As an added insult to Hillary, the visit is planned for Thursday in Colorado Springs, coinciding with the Democratic nominee’s acceptance speech at that mess of a national convention.

Trump still has some ground to make up after his one and only campaign appearance in the Centennial state this year in which Trump blasted Colorado’s delegate selection process.

Trump did make only one campaign appearance while Hillary was here several times to collect Democratic checks at fundraisers. Then we found out a month after the convention that she actually lost here, too.

Folks keep forgetting about that, just like they’re trying to recast us out of the battleground state category.

After the fuss Democrats are putting up at their convention, we would argue even Democrats are not leaning Democrat.

They booed during the opening prayer, booed Bernie Sanders when he endorsed Hillary, and booed Debbie Wasserman Schultz because they think she stole the primary for Hillary.

It was chaos outside of the convention hall as well, where Democrats were marching and shouting “Hell no, DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary!”

By comparison, the only blip on the Republican’s convention radar was when Ted Cruz told voter to vote their conscience.
See? Battleground state.