UPDATE: Well that was quick! The Denver Post is already out with an editorial (responding to our blog post perhaps?) about “why this matters.”

All this shows, however, is that Dean Singleton, the Post’s owner, is pulling strings from the top trying to help his buddy Michael Bennet.  The campaign’s oppo is weak, and they need mileage out of this.  Period.  End of story.

U.S. Senator Michael Bennet’s campaign decided to dump some of their opposition research on GOP challenger Darryl Glenn this week, and the mainstream media is handling it in a way that epitomizes their political bias. unequal scales of justice

In 2014, The Peak exposed then-Democratic Senator Mark Udall’s arrest for possession of amphetamines and a large amount of pot. Except for a small mention from Lynn Bartels, who wrote for The Denver Post at the time, the mainstream media ignored the story. Never mind that Udall was sentenced to a night in jail, six months probation and his car was permanently seized. The media turned a blind eye.

Fast-forward two years. The same media have an obsessive interest in some long-ago dropped charge, that is far less serious, involving the Republican candidate in the race. The same media that refused to cover Udall’s arrest and subsequent lies about the incident think it is a big deal that Glenn cannot remember a charge that resulted in no arrest, no jail time, no fine and no criminal record.

In the case of Republican the charges were dropped, yet it is still “news.”  No so for the Democrat.

This has appeared as a scandal today in both The Post and The Colorado Springs Gazette, which each chose to ignore Udall’s misrepresentation of serious criminal charges when he was 20.

If that’s not evidence of media hypocrisy and a double standard that favors left wing candidates what is?