the-godfather-1972Just weeks after billionaire Tom Steyer announced that he was teaming up with the nation’s largest labor unions to dump $10 million into Colorado and two other battleground states to sway the election, he whined to Bloomberg TV that money is corrupting the political system.

“And let me say one thing about campaign finance. We believe that Citizens United was a terrible decision,” Steyer said Monday. “We believe that it should be overturned. We believe that there is too much emphasis on money in politics.”

Honestly, we can’t make up this kind of hypocrisy.

It turns out, Steyer explains, that some money is more corrupt than other money. His billions are good because “his money is based on strong values, not self-interest, and plays a smaller role than other billionaire organizations,” the Daily Caller reports.

Like when he poured millions into the last Colorado Senate race to prop up the eventual loser, Mark Udall.

He also dropped more than a quarter million in Colorado last year for polling and research to interfere with our state legislative races.

It turns out that Steyer’s work popped up in the leaked DNC emails, showing the party had adopted Steyer’s environmental agenda, word for word.

One political consultant told the Daily Caller those emails are proof that Steyer’s avalanche of political contributions are buying him special access to top officials in order to dictate public policy with his bank account.

We suspect this effort was in keeping with Steyer’s “strong value” of becoming a political Godfather, lining his pockets with politicians, like so many nickels and dimes.