trumpHillary Clinton may be pulling her ad buys in Colorado, but the Trump campaign is doubling down in the Centennial State.

Today, Donald Trump will hold a Town Hall event at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. As a reminder, it has been more than 230 days since Hillary Clinton even had a press conference. He will follow up that rally with one at Wings Over the Rockies this evening.  This comes on the heels of another Colorado appearance that the Republican nominee made at the Western Conservative Summit earlier this month.

While Politico described Clinton’s decision to pull the ads as based on the campaign’s perception of a “sizeable and durable lead,” the campaign should stop short of underestimating Donald Trump. He’s shocked the world so far and Colorado is always up for grabs.

We find it interesting that the Clinton campaign is so quick to assume a lock on the state’s nine electoral votes.  Two things that we know for sure: (1) Trump’s rivals have been underestimating him for more than a year now, and (2) Trump is fighting hard for Colorado’s votes.

In contrast, Clinton, in the past, has had difficulty drawing crowds to her events here in Colorado, like the time she practically had to pay people to attend her speech. And, let’s not forget, the Democratic grassroots is berning for Bernie.