Hillary Rodham ClintonGov. Hickenlooper is getting used to disappointment. He admits to eagerly awaiting Hillary’s veep decision and would have jumped at the chance to join her on the ticket if given the chance.

“There was a sense of disappointment because I’m a competitive person. And once they called me … they didn’t call me until six weeks ago … and I couldn’t tell anyone,” Hickenlooper said. “So people would say, ‘What’s going on?’ And I’d say, ‘Well, it’s a long list, I think I’m near the bottom.’

“And here I was being interviewed and vetted. But again, one of the greatest honors of my life just to be considered for that kind of a job.”

Uh right, it’s an honor. That sounded about as sincere as Susan Lucci after the 18th time she was nominated, but failed to win an Emmy Award.

Then, just as the speculation was beginning to circulate that Hick would be the obvious choice in a Hillary administration as her Interior Secretary, he was heckled during an energy conference at the Democratic National Convention event this week by fractivists.

He didn’t even wait for the next “Dear John” letter from Hillary. He told the Denver Post:

“It’s pretty unlikely I would take a cabinet position to be very blunt.”

Which is kind of funny, as this time he didn’t bother to wait for the offer before he rejected the non-offer.

Poor Hick. If it’s any consolation, all of his PR efforts to land a job in a Hillary administration are for naught anyway, because Republicans are going to take back the White House this fall.