epaIt’s been one year since the EPA released a torrent of mine water down the Animas River then pledged to take responsibility for their mess.And by responsibility, they meant to insist until their dying day that it wasn’t their fault.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion (prepare for the balloon drop) the EPA’s inspector general reveals that a real live criminal investigation is underway!

The announcement Monday came from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) as it released letters sent to lawmakers about the status of its work to analyze the disaster. Documents reviewed by The Denver Post on Monday indicate the probe has been in progress for nearly a year.

Jeffrey Lagda, spokesman for the inspector general’s office, said the OIG is working with the U.S. Attorney’s Office on the criminal investigation. It was “based on requests from several members of the House and Senate,” he added.

This investigation that has been underway for a year without results also came as a surprise to lawmakers, who were demanding one as recently as May.

It appears that the only reason we know about it now, is that the inspector general is telling lawmakers that they can’t reveal any information about their investigation, until Attorney General Loretta Lynch gives the okay to spill the beans.

Cancel the balloon drop. If the Justice Department’s handling of Hillary’s email investigation is indicative of their efforts to protect the Obama administration at all costs, we already know the outcome.