money pileHillary Clinton has outraised Donald Trump in Colorado, the liberals gleefully declare. Hillary has raised nearly $715,000 from April 2015 through June of this year, while more than $147,000 was donated to Trump.

Colorado Public Radio seems to think that’s an indicator of Trump’s lack of support in the state, but they forgot to mention one crucial factor — the Donald was never raising money in the primary, he was spending his own cash.

That fact that he wasn’t asking for a dime but Coloradans were still forking over the dough shows true support for a political candidate.

That Hillary was here begging from millionaires in Aspen every time we turned around in the last year and came away with less than what Michael Bennet raises in a month* is not what we would call impressive.

*The majority of funds raised by Colorado U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet does not come from Coloradans.