Hillary Rodham ClintonWe’ve already pointed out the media’s mischaracterization of Donald Trump’s recent comments on fracking, but now Hickenlooper has latched on to the media’s false assumptions.

At issue is that fact that when pressed on his position on fracking, Trump said that he was completely supportive of fracking, but that the decision should rest with state and local governments.

In addition to Trump being supportive of fracking, his comments send the message that he does not think it is the federal government’s job to regulate the practice, and that it is most appropriately handled by the states.  Which, by the way, is the exact opposite of Clinton’s destructive agenda for the energy industry.

With the governor attacking Trump on fracking, is Hickenlooper now siding with Hillary Clinton on fracking?  Is Hickenlooper in favor of Clinton’s position against fracking on public lands?  Just last month a federal judge struck down Obama’s Interior Department rules restricting fracking on public lands, and Hilary Clinton is looking to push forward with Obama’s extreme environmental agenda, regardless of whether or not the legislative branch is on board.

In fact, during a Democratic presidential debate last year, Clinton asserted that the elimination of fracking on public lands would be a “done deal” if she was elected president.

It would be interesting to understand if Hickenlooper, so close to a vice presidential nod a few weeks ago, is supportive of Clinton’s radical agenda.  He seems to have a lot to say about Trump’s position, he should start getting some questions about his own party’s nominee.