Jared Polis Bloody NoseLooks like U.S. Rep. Jared Polis is back in the anti-fracking game, kicking in a significant contribution to “Yes for Local Control Over Oil and Gas” get an anti-fracking on the ballot.

Nearly 100,000 signatures are needed by Monday to get the measure on the ballot,
and between Polis and his father Stephen Schutz, they contributed $50,000 of the $55,100 raised by the group for the effort.

We presume that means the deal is off that Polis struck with Gov. Hickenlooper back in 2014, when he pulled out of the fracking fight  in favor of the governor’s task force, and praised that panel for their work to ensure that regulations were protecting residents who lived in proximity to fracking sites.

Polis also pledged again to stay out of this year’s fracking ballot initiative:

The fourth-term lawmaker told E&E Daily in a recent interview that while he remains “committed to solving this issue,” he has turned his focus to the legislative process rather than the pair of ballot initiatives he personally backed in the 2014 cycle.

It certainly looks like Polis has reneged on that pledge.