Last night, Colorado GOP flack Kyle Kohli brought a bit of merriment to Twitter by crashing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s Aspen fundraiser.

The approximately 85 people attending the event were greeted by Kohli and his friend (with a dog?) with signs reading, “Get Out of Jail Free” and “Coal Jobs Not Clinton”.

Kohli and company were joined by Green Party protesters who appeared to take offense that Dr. Jill Stein, the Other Woman in the race, is not receiving her due.  Kohli and friend also handed out koozies (because rich people love koozies, obviously) that read “Get Out of Jail, Free”.

According to Kohli, the koozies were a hit.

According to those in the know, the 85 people paid between $10,000 an $50,000 per person to attend the swanky reception at the $27 million Aspen Valley Ranch, one of the largest properties in the Roaring Fork Valley. The property is rumored to be owned by Charif Souki, a longtime Aspen fixture.

Ironically, Souki may have earned most of his cash after “positioning Cheniere Energy to be the only company allowed to export natural gas from the US”, according to Curbed Ski.

Why is that ironic? Because Clinton has been all over the map on fracking (how natural gas is unearthed) and, specifically, has mentioned wanting to stop fracking on public lands. It looks like a case of another liberal earning his fortune and, then, using the regulatory process to shut the door behind him.

But, at least we could have a little fun up there. Or, at least Kohli could convince his boss that a trip to Aspen was a critical part of the campaign in Colorado. Good for you, buddy. We hear Aspen is beautiful this time of year.