Hillary Rodham ClintonAfter Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s fundraiser last night, she will visit Commerce City today. And, Republican vice presidential candidate, Mike Pence, will visit Denver.

While Trump and his team sit down for one-on-one interviews daily, even with local reporters like Brandon Rittiman, Clinton is heavily guarded by handlers. In short, the press never seems to have a chance to ask Hillary questions.  We hope they do today because Coloradans have some burning questions.

Here are just a few:

  1. Does Hillary Clinton support local control? Is she still in favor of shutting down fracking on public lands?
  2. Does Hillary Clinton support private property rights – if she’s in favor of local control, how does one reconcile the private property rights of mineral owners with what amounts to a ban on fracking?
  3. Will Hillary Clinton continue Barack Obama’s relentless pursuit to control Colorado’s water rights?
  4. Why does Hillary Clinton want to put Coloradans out of work by demonizing the coal industry?
  5. Hillary Clinton says that FBI Director Comey called her comments about her email server scandal were true. Politifact said that was false. How does she reconcile the chasm between these two statements?
  6. What’s the real reason Hillary Clinton didn’t pick Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper as a running mate?
  7. Do you feel like the extra help that the Colorado Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee gave your campaign was a betrayal to the Democratic grassroots here in Colorado?
  8. Obamacare was originally Hillary Clinton’s idea. In some parts of rural Colorado, Obamacare has caused insurance premiums to spike as much as 25% or more per year. Does she still think that socialized medicine works?
  9. Does Hillary Clinton support Colorado’s Amendment 69, which would bring single-payer health care (read: government run health care) to Colorado?

Of course, all of these are for naught if she continues to refuse media interviews, but we think Coloradans deserve a more transparent process than that.

We tried to provide a link to Clinton’s event; however, it doesn’t work. Hm. If you’re interested in attending the Pence event, please visit here.