Folks, this is what “dead broke” looks like.  Looks like State Representative Rhonda Fields spends on her own campaign just like she burns through taxpayer cash in the legislature.

Fields Campaign Finance Report

After a primary campaign where Fields blew rival Su Ryden out of the water, 74% – 26%, she finds her campaign in debt to the tune of $7,966.  And this is after raising more than $90k in cash and in kind donations, according to her latest campaign finance report filed this week.  Fields was actually running a negative balance in her campaign account on her last report as well, which covered the period ending one day before the primary election.

Looks like a plurality of Fields’ expenses went towards advertising and direct mail, with some fines to the Secretary of State’s office thrown in for good measure.  Apparently, after so many years in the legislature, Fields has not quite figured out the calendar for filing campaign finance reports.

It was also interesting to see that she racked up $654 in bank fees to Colorado State Bank and Trust that was reported for the two week period that ended on June 27.  Not much detail in her report on that one, but one could only imagine how a bank fee that large could be assessed against an account so small. It should be noted that she pleaded guilty to writing bad checks in 1998. Maybe old habits die hard.