epaThe EPA has dumped a massive amounts of documents on reporters as part of a Freedom of Information Act request for information pertaining to the equally massive dump of mine water the agency released into the Animas River last year.

We suspect it’s Colorado’s anniversary gift from the feds, in particular the Durango Herald, which has so far sifted through 50 of the 29,126 individually linked PDFs they received.

No labels, no table of contents, just a big massive dump on a Friday evening — a technique first perfected by the Clinton administration to frustrate media investigations into their crocked regime.

What did those documents reveal about the investigation? Where to meet for dinner, and newspaper clips about their handiwork.

Is the EPA making it intentionally difficult for the Durango Herald to probe for wrongdoing?

Without a doubt.

There might actually be a needle in that haystack, a smoking gun communication that lays the blame of the spill at the EPA’s feet.

But quite frankly, we suspect the Herald would have better luck if they requested emails from the personal accounts of EPA employees, because that’s how this Obama administration practices transparency — by hiding how they conduct the people’s business.