petitionYesterday, “Yes on Colorado End of Life Options” dropped off more than 160,000 petition signatures to the Secretary of State’s office for their euthanasia measure, titled “The Medical Aid in Dying Initiative.”  The Secretary of State requires 98,492 valid signatures for the matter to make the November ballot.

Since forming the committee to advocate for this ballot measure in May of this year, the group has raised more than $4.3 million.  Substantially all of that has come from a Denver-based group, Compassion and Choices, which chipped in $4.25 million.

Many prominent Democrats are behind the measure, including recalled Colorado Senate President John Morse, who is the group’s designated filing agent. Those against? Disability and right to life organizations.

Monday should be a big day for those watching the ballot initiative process unfold, as it is the due date for signatures to be submitted to the secretary of state for all ballot initiatives.  Issues such as increased setbacks for oil and gas exploration, “local control” of fracking decisions, an increase in the tobacco tax, and new rules around the state’s primary election process are all under consideration. The Secretary of State has 30 days to verify the signatures.