Remember when we said that the oil and gas ballot initiatives were pushed by people from out of state, and even out of the country?  Well our interlopers were here in force yesterday, limping across the finish line by delivering just barely the minimum signatures to be considered for the November ballot.

A reader caught a group of them piling out of a car with NY plates, decorated with Bernie Sanders and “Ban Fracking” bumper stickers.  See below.

New York Fractivists

One of them was even expelled from the Secretary of State’s office yesterday after freaking out because oil and gas advocates “were touching their petition boxes.”  Sounds he needs a safe space.

Greenpeace and organized the enviros to plant the flag in Colorado trying to oppose fracking. Also, Localized Strategies founded by Elizabeth Arnold and former Bernie Sanders staffer Ryan Hughes ran petition operations from out of state.

There’s nothing wrong with running a professional campaign, but let’s not pretend this effort is a grassroots endeavor. This is a highly-coordinated attempt to take down the oil and gas industry, and decimate Colorado’s economy.