Republicans are the only major party that ever actually talks about repealing unnecessary regulations and rejecting new ones. And this aversion to growing government has earned them the reputation for being the “party of no.” However, in an age when even under a divided legislature, Colorado still got 155 new laws this year, is being the “party of no” really a bad thing? colorado-state-capitol

One hundred and fifty five… let that number sink in. These new laws dictate everything from what color people can wear hunting to a complete overhaul of the regulations governing our alcohol industry.

Now, we’re not saying all new laws are bad, and, to be fair, each one needed bipartisan support to pass. But can’t we all agree there have got to be some unnecessary ones on the books? And wouldn’t it behoove our state if legislators spent as much time repealing outdated or unnecessary laws as they did passing new ones?

Also frightening is the fact that Colorado isn’t even as bad as other states. Louisiana, for example, can look forward to 400-plus new laws this year. California is even worse, with 807 new laws going into effect this year.   Both states enjoy single party rule.

Let’s also not forget these are just state laws. Last year, the United States Congress passed 115 new laws.

It seems Grover Norquist’s dream of reducing government to the size where he “can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub” will never be realized.