Cliff-Willmeng-cropped-241x300Environmentalists are so embarrassed after getting busted for their bogus publicity stunt — turning in a barrage of nearly empty boxes on the deadline to deliver anti-fracking signatures — they have little choice but to humiliate themselves further.

Led by Food and Water Watch, fractivists have started a whisper campaign to Politico back in D.C., that they secretly hope the whole anti-fracking measures just die because that’s what is best for the Democratic Party.

It’s the most ludicrous spin we’ve ever encountered, but of course the liberals at Politico ate it right up.

Environmentalists now claim they never really wanted the signatures they spent gobs of money to collect to actually count, because if measures 75 and 78 make it onto the ballot, well, read it and weep, with laughter:

“If I were a betting person, I would not bet they would get on the ballot,” one Colorado environmentalist said of the anti-fracking initiatives, insisting on anonymity to speak candidly. “If they don’t get on the ballot, I think it’s better for the environmental movement, because if they do get on the ballot, the oil and gas industry will just pummel this state. Democrats and moderate Republicans won’t want to touch this issue for quite some time.”

Fractivists also told Politico they fear that if there is heavy voter turnout to support fracking, those voters will also reject Hillary, U.S. Sen. Micheal Bennet, and other Democrats up and down the ballot.

Empty boxes, empty rhetoric — it’s what we’ve come to expect of the Democratic Party front, also known as environmentalists.