Just in from Twitter…reports of blue on blue violence outside of a Michael Bennet fundraiser in southwest Colorado.

Blue on Blue ViolenceIt looks like the Democrat National Convention was not the call to unity that party organizers claimed.  Still upset about being Berned, Sanders supporters in Colorado have continued to press Senator Bennet on the Trans Pacific Partnership, health insurance companies, ColoradoCare, Hillary Clinton’s emails and, frankly, everything.

We’re now less than three months out from the general election (OMG, make it stop), and a fractured party is the last thing that Democrat leaders in Colorado want or need.  With do-nothing U.S. Senator Michael Bennet up for re-election, and one of the most unpopular candidates in modern history topping the Democratic ticket (that’s Hillary, pay attention), the action in this picture is that last thing that Centennial State democrats want or need.

And, that, PeakNation™, warms our cold hearts.